Whitstable 2s Vs 2nd XV



Whitstable 2nd XV14Loss
Ashford 2nd XV40Win

Match Report

Ashford 2s travelled to Whitstable, protecting their 100% record and table top position. Against a strong scrummaging side, they recorded an impressive six try win by 40-10, three of these coming in the last 20 minutes. Points came from tries by captain Glen Collins, Shane Redman, Harrison Kemp, Joseph Campbell, Nadeem Makhalfa and Tom Hinckes who also slotted home five conversions. Glen Collins paid praise to all for a strong team effort, and singled out the contributions by stand off Aaron Bowes who controlled the game and flanker Matt Richards for hunting down and pressuring the opposition stand off, their key play maker.



Date Time League Season
October 6, 2018 3:00 pm Shepherd Neame Late Red 3 2018/19

Whitstable 2nd XV

Position T C P DG

Ashford 2nd XV

Position T C P DG

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