A Message from Club President Ian Foinette

 Of course, you won’t need me to repeat what you’ll have been told by countless people over the last week or so; what I wanted to do was tell you how things are with our club, given the present problem.

   All activity at the club has ceased, but our players are carrying on training on an individual basis. Our Director of Rugby, Chris Dengate, will be maintaining contact with players throughout this period, so there’ll be no escape from training. We’re waiting to see what the R.F.U., and Kent in particular, will decide about the outstanding matches, but as we’re at the top of the league, promotion (for the second season running) seems likely – hence the  continuing training regime, to ensure we’re in the best possible position for the challenges when rugby returns.

   The annual ball has been postponed, and various other events such as mini and junior festivals may not be held at all; however, we will also lose other activities which are not necessarily rugby-related, for example, the dog show. The effect will be the income upon which we rely in the summer months, when rugby is not played, will be lost. These are difficult times for everyone, and your committee has tried to reduce fixed costs, where appropriate, e.g., freezing the Sky subscription, to go some way to balance the loss of income from cancelled events. It may be government financial help will be available in due course, but nothing is certain. The bar has been emptied of wine, etc., so if anyone feels inclined to pay us a late-night visit, the cupboard will be bare.

   Despite the problems the country faces, the required isolation is, of course, necessary. After it’s over, we’ll be returning to normal, with, it’s to be hoped, new challenges. It’s frustrating not to have our “fix” of competitive rugby, and even more frustrating not to know when we’ll be back in action. Rest assured your committee will remain in contact, albeit remotely, over the next few weeks, so if there’s anything you want to raise, please contact us.

   In the meantime, please make sure you concentrate of your own safety. As was said at an earlier time – “We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day..” and aren’t you pleased you can’t hear me singing…… Things can’t be that desperate.

  Thank you all for your support during this season.


   Ian Foinette


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    Tupp thomas
    April 2, 2020 (2:15 pm)

    Keep fit well are my old mates at Kent’s best rugby club arfc

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