Ashford Rugby under 10’s

(School Year 5)

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Coaching Staff

Coach – Bea (07947279396)

Coaching Assistants – Amanda,

All coaching staff hold current DBS certificates

Training Objectives

  1. The most important objective is to keep it fun for the young players and not set too high expectations of them. At this stage, nobody is going to get picked for the national sides…..yet!
  2. Keep them moving about so they don’t get cold and stop enjoying the training! Increasing fitness and stamina too.
  3. Ball handling

i.      Running out to the coaches and then onto the try line with wide arms off the ball

ii.      Passing the ball in the circle to improve both ball handling and hand to eye coordination.

  1. Running lines

iii.      Running straight and developing ability to change direction, at pace.

iv.      Bull dog – introduces and develops the key skill of finding gaps in lines and changing direction

v.      Stick in the mud – also improves and develops their ability to communicate with one another and acquire spatial awareness

These games are specifically designed to be fun, allowing us to introduce the basic drills into the games so we can build a foundation for the five core rugby skills:

1.       Running

2.       Evasion

3.       Handling

Sportsmanship and team building 

Children will be reminded about fair play and being gracious in victory and defeat. All children will be expected to shake hands at the end of each session.

Each week, a child will be selected as player of the week. The criteria for choosing player of the week may reflect all aspects of coaching and each child’s personal improvement and development.


Child Protection

All parents are required to attend the training sessions to be at hand should they be required.


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